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Welcome to Kidz Wonderland

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Quality daycare

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Kidz Wonderland

About us

Kidz Wonderland was envisioned as a solution to parents who were apprehensive about leaving their children in incompetent hands of amateur baby-sitters.

The basic premise of KIDZ Wonderland is to provide a reliable, comfortable, hygienic and homely environment to the children while their parents attend to office. While nobody can replace a parent’s care and concern, we can confidently assert that the children rarely miss their parents during the hours spent with us. Kidz Wonderland’s USP is the productive usage of the time that the children spend at the daycare. This includes imparting basic knowledge as well as coaching for various certifications. Specific teachers are appointed to help enrich the knowledge of the children. We extend personalized care with utmost professionalism.

Kidz Wonderland extends personalized care with utmost professionalism.


Children are full of energy and curiosity. Simple confinement for 6 to 8 hours leads to boredom, tantrums, and eating-disorders and so on. At Kidz Wonderland we introduced structured learning sessions through innovative methods so that children will not only benefit out of the knowledge imparted, but they would also grow familiar with the concepts of classroom and teacher-student relationships and be prepared for the transition from daycare to kindergarten. Some of the initiatives are:s

Qualified and experienced teachers & staff
Mobile App for parents-teacher communication
Physical training activities such as Dance & Karate
Mental development activities based on SIP Accelerated Mental Learning and SIP Abacus and Brain Gym



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Kidz Wonderland playschool, nursery, kindergarten and childcare centre is committed to setting a strong foundation for children during their initial years of learning that are crucial for their overall development in the long run.
Our personalized best-in-class learning centre provides our children a secure, harmonious and nurturing ambience as they keep their first step into the outside world away from parental care and supervision.

Our Programmes

We believe that today’s children are tomorrow’s icons. We envision making our learning environment child-centric by encouraging and rewarding them rather than subjecting them to any kind of competitive pressure at such an early age. The self-paced curriculum allows the children to discover their unique potential at their own pace.
A range of interesting activities, events and programs are planned regularly to supplement classroom learning. These activities develop thinking, creativity and communication in children.
At KIDZ Wonderland, we follow methodologies prescribed by clinical psychologist to achieve a holistic development in every child.

Our Activities

SIP Abacus and Brain gym
Dance from STEPS
MARRS Pre School Bee



The most recurrent query of new admissions pertain to the security and safety measures that we have in place for the children. To that end, we have applied technology for safety and monitoring purpose. This includes:

Bio metric door access
IP Camera
Content management system for parental access, classrooms and teachers
Developing cloud based software for daycare operations and quality management
GPS Monitered Transport System

We also have queries about consistent functioning and daycare timings. We work from 9am to 7pm and all holidays are notified to the parents in advance. There is a backup arrangement in place to tackle sudden staff absences or attrition.

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Call us +91 95914 64464

We are located at Electronics City - Phase-1, Bangalore.

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